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Since 2007, Parisian spring has been coming into bloom with contemporary drawing!
This event, which has stood as a highly anticipated seasonal gathering for over ten years, promises collectors, professionals, and enthusiasts a unique encounter with a vast array of diverse contemporary drawing practices.
The 2017 edition has some wonderful surprises in store for its visitors, devised by a newly-formed selection committee that will bring a fresh tone to the event.

The applications submitted for 2017 were of unprecedented quality, which made it particularly challenging to only accept one in two!
Our selection committee is to be commended for their rigorous efforts, which have served to amplify the distinctive spirit of each of the two levels at Carreau du Temple: ‘precedent’ and ‘emergent’! Indeed, how does one judge the notion of emergence without any ageist prejudice?

And how can we bring collectors to appreciate new works by recognized artists of whom they think they’ve already seen it all?
It is in exploring both levels of Carreau du Temple that all visitors can follow their own desires while benefitting from the opportunities provided to see works by artists of differing generations and levels of recognition.

The Reference section, comprising 52 exhibiting galleries, will allow visitors to encounter emerging, primarily foreign artists and to discover new works by renowned artists.
This experience will be reinforced by the Master Now circuit, which is a fine selection of masterpieces displayed throughout the fair.

Thanks to gallery proposals of solo shows and exhibitions specially curated for the fair, great energy emanates from the Emergence section that is composed of 19 galleries and located in the two rooms on the lower ground (-1) level. This edition thus ensures ample discoveries and promises to be a source of endless surprise and inspiration for new enthusiasts.

Such discoveries also involve venturing into new territories. Our stronghold is presently European, but in the upcoming edition, new countries are to be represented from Africa to Korea and, within Europe, from Portugal to Hungary. The submissions will interact and visually ricochet from one booth to another.
The exhibition, curated by our artistic director, Philippe Piguet, and presented near the Emergence section on level -1, is entitled Deep Surfaces/à fleur de peau. It will no doubt further extend the bounding lines of drawing.

For 5 days, drawing, performances, Talks, and encounters will energize Carreau du Temple.

The Talks and artist interviews will take place in the Carreau du Temple’s auditorium on Thursday, March 23rd, and will resound with exchanges between personalities of the art world and the audience. Artists, students, collectors, and visitors alike will have the pleasure of deepening their knowledge of contemporary drawing.

Last but not least, video returns in full force this year with a crossover program from galleries and selected public collections thanks to the Drawing Center New York.

As for Le Parcours, the institutional exhibitions trail, it promises a hand-picked selection of complementary, distinct approaches along the avenue of contemporary practices.

Christine Phal, chairwoman


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